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The Prepd Pack is a lunchbox that acts as a nutritionist

Prepd Pack use

Bringing your lunch to school was not exactly the cool kid thing to do, but as adults we’re jealous of the people who have their lives put together enough to think ahead that far. If you don’t pack a lunch for your grown-up job, you’re stuck eating protein bars or fast food, with not many healthy options that don’t cost an arm and a leg otherwise. If you want to eat healthy, cook for yourself, and take food with you to work but don’t know the first thing about the whole process, then hopefully you know there’s an option out there for you that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Instead of going on a diet plan with pre-packaged food that’s way too high in sodium, the Prepd Pack is hoping to help you deal with lunch time by giving you a portion-controlled lunchbox. Of course, just giving you a lunch box doesn’t really do much on its own. This has a variety of modular containers which are completely leak proof that can be changed out with your wants and needs for different foods. The inside is a silicone mat for easy cleanup after eating, and the cutlery is magnetic with its own special spot inside of the lunchbox.

The app that goes with this is the possibly the biggest deal as it not only gives you tons of food and diet options, but will guide you through the recipes meant to go in the sized containers, give you ingredient lists for shopping, and help you know what all you can prep ahead to make the week easy for yourself. This will play nicely with iOS and Android, and is going to cost you $50 for a standard pack. It’s time to be a grown up and pack your lunch.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter