Prepara Herb-Savor Keeps Your Herbs Fresh For Weeks

pr450_pip.jpgI really enjoy cooking. I’m a sucker for any cooking show on the Food Network and I buy all the nifty gadgets, knives, tools they use. I even try to emulate the techniques and products that they flaunt across my television screen. “Use lots of fresh herbs!” they exclaim while they eschew any form of dried herbs as the most disgusting thing in the world. Unlike these chefs on television, I don’t go to the store (or the farmers market like they say I should) every day nor do I have bucket loads of cash lying around to pay the premium price for these herbs because they only last a few days in the fridge.

What’s a budding chef to do?

Well, you can pick up the Prepara Herb-Savor from The Sharper Image. This compact and ingenious storage device prolongs the life of your fresh herbs for up to three weeks by keeping the cut stems in water and its cover isolates your herbs from the rest of the items in your fridge. It has ample capacity but still easily fits inside a standard refrigerator door. The removable stainless steel basket keeps herbs neatly gathered together, and allows for easy washing.

The Prepara Herb-Savor measures 10.8″ x 5.5″ x 2.5″, weighs a mere 1.3 lbs and comes with an one-year warranty. The $29.99 retail price will more than pay for itself when it keeps that spendy bunch of purple basil fresh and delicious for longer than two days. They even report that it keeps asparagus fresh for weeks as well.

It definitely would make a great gift for the chef wannabe on your holiday gift list.

[Sharper Image]

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