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The Prepara Classic Herb Saver makes sure you don’t have to toss out soggy plant matter

Prepara Herb Saver

If you actually cook at home with any regularity, then you have to deal with meal planning since you don’t want something with a short shelf life to go bad before you cook it. The worst of this is normally produce, as plants need to be in the perfect environment to stay crisp and fresh. Not maintaining the right temperature and humidity means that your greens will look wilted and unappetizing pretty quickly.

The best method to keep your plants super fresh is to keep a garden, but that’s not possible for everyone. The next best option would likely be the Prepara Classic Herb Saver. This is a little plastic capsule that will keep your fresh herbs living and healthy for up to three weeks, which trust me, is a big deal. It keeps the stems of your green in question submerged in water so that despite being removed from the root it can maintain its life for longer.

You only need to put your herbs on the plastic grate, rinse them off, enclose the plant in the plastic capsule, and put it on top of the reservoir which you’ll need to fill with fresh water. This will not only help you keep them longer, but you won’t have to worry about them getting stuck under other food in the plastic bag from the grocery store and being forgotten about. This is a $20 purchase that you might find yourself getting multiples of.

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