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The Prepara Better Batter Beater is a cordless battery-powered mixer

Better Batter Beater Prepara

There’s nothing quite like making a meal from scratch. You know exactly what ingredients are in your food, and have the feeling of accomplishment when you dig in to your dish (hopefully it tastes good). Of course, not many of us actually have the time to plan, purchase the ingredients for, and prepare a meal anymore. However, should you find the time,┬áhaving the right tools is a necessity.

Not having a mixer when you want to make pretty much anything is going to leave you with a sore wrist. Desserts are about the only thing we can manage with such busy schedules, and it usually requires lots of tossing ingredients together. If you’d like to save your wrist some work, don’t have many cooking tools, and don’t want to buy a spatula and mixer separately, you can get the Prepara Better Batter Beater.

This is a little handheld mixer that is powered by 4 AAA batteries, and has a 350 RPM motor which can combine wet and/or dry ingredients for over two hours. This is not rechargeable, so you should plan to purchase an army of batteries should you have the time to cook. The rubber edge can scrape the sides of the bowl while you mix, meaning you won’t need a spatula! This is available in red, green, or yellow, and will cost you $19.99 should you have interest in buying numerous batteries. Of course, you could just buy a regular mixer and spatula for cheaper, but the idea for this is quite novel.

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