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This Prank Shocking Pen makes sure no one will ask for your stuff again

Prank Shocking Pen

When you’ve established that you’re the kind and caring person who would give the clothes off your back if someone asked, people start taking advantage of that kindness. Should the unlikely situation happen that your coworker or classmate keeps taking your writing implements, there are ways to deal with their terrible behavior. No one really likes pranks, and it shouldn’t be an eye for an eye, but that won’t stop anyone from giving it a go.

This Electric Shocking Pen will actually work for jotting down notes, but its main feature is that it will give you a little tickle of electricity whenever you click it. Keep in mind that this is a live jolt, and while it’s not anywhere nearly as strong as a taser, it will still be an actual shock. Do make sure to test it out on yourself before trying to prank someone else with it so you know what you’re getting them into.

Of course, you’ll also need to be the type of person that can take a joke too, as some form of retaliation is sure to follow with escalation almost always being a factor. It will only cost you $4.20, and comes with a battery equipped to start zapping the unsuspecting. If you do intend to follow through with this, make sure you’re at least mindful of those with a pacemaker or other life-or-death body electronics.

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