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Practice Green Putt Returner

If you’re the only one in your household with a love for golf, then you might want to check out the Practice Green Putt Returner since it will definitely help raise your game without requiring any assistance from your family. After all, with over 150 PGA tour professionals using this, you surely can’t go wrong, can you? This robotic ball return is capable of retrieving practice putts on your behalf, fitting nicely into any standard- or practice-depth golf hole. Whenever a putt drops into the hole, it will activate the device’s miniature catapult, which nicely returns the ball approximately 14′ (depending on green speed). Making allowance for a two-or three-fold increase in putts, the ball return will further help you practice more efficiently, while reducing the amount of back strain which results from repeatedly stooping to pick up balls. Each $59.95 purchase comes with a ball guide to redirect errant putts to the hole, making sure they are returned also. Powered by a quartet of AA batteries, the Practice Green Putt Returner is good for 12,000 putt returns before a battery change is required.