PR2: A robot that can fold towels

I hope none of you think low of me, but since I have been married, I have simply let my wife deal with laundry. I think it has been years since I folded any of it. I never really liked folding laundry, and have always classified it as one of life’s “necessary evils”.

Fortunately, I can have this robot do it for me. After it gets perfected, of course. I’m sure you’ve probably watched the video and have thought that this guy was a little slow on the draw, and I can’t help but agree with that.

Still, this is one small step for robotkind as the PR2 (not to be confused with another robot with R2 in its number) is able to pluck rectangular objects like towels from a random pile and neatly fold them into piles.

The PR2 is an experimental robot from Pieter Abbeel, and it certainly needs a lot of space to work. It’s probably going to need a speed increase before everyone has one in their own homes. Still, it scores 100 percent in its trials, so maybe hotels could use the PR2 to fold their towels.

Of course, we all know where PR2 technology is headed: an age where the robots do all the laundry folding for us. Then we can all look back to the way we do laundry like we look back at the time when laundry was done with washboards.


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