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Powis PopUp Viewer announced

powis-popup-viewrVirtual Reality (VR) is one area in the consumer electronics industry that is slowly but surely picking up steam. There are more and more gaming titles revealed for the platform, especially in the Oculus Rift ‘department’, if you may call it so, not to mention other VR viewers that intend to make their mark. The Powis PopUp Viewer is one of them, where it has been developed based on Google Cardboard technology.

The Powis PopUp Viewer comes across as a compact, high-quality viewer that is aggressively priced (read: affordable for the masses) in order to deliver VR experiences to marketing campaigns, large events, trade shows/conferences, sporting events, concerts, and other applications. In order to make use of it, all that people need to do is to place their smartphone into the PopUp Viewer in order to engage with the VR content within, and it makes it all the more accessible through a range of smartphone apps, websites, and YouTube, among others.

Powis founder Kevin Parker shared, “Google Cardboard has fundamentally changed the VR market. Now, for a fraction of the cost of typical head-mounted devices (HMDs), companies can deliver compelling VR experiences to all kinds of audiences.”

All that users need to do is to unfold Powis’ new PopUp Viewer and place their smartphone inside in order to engage with virtual reality content. Not only that, the PopUp Viewers can also be further customized by being ‘skinned’ with any type of branding, graphics or messaging in order to support an event or activity. Single viewers will retail for $14.99 a pop, while those who would want to fork out less than $10 a viewer can do so if you place a large enough quantity of customized orders. The Powis PopUp Viewer will play nice with any Android and iOS smartphone, as long as said handset does not measure beyond or less than the 4” to 6.5” dimensions.

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