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PowerUp FPV – Paper Airplane VR Drone Model Kit

FPV Powerup

We love to experience the world in new and exciting ways, and have no problem spending a little money to do it. Some people, with big wallets, like playing with the latest and greatest toys and gadgets, while others don’t mind waiting for the price to drop or build it themselves. If you aren’t adept in the waiting or building department though, it might just be better to save and pay up.

 While you could definitely build yourself a paper airplane at home and have a modicum of fun, it won’t compare to the PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane. You’ll still have to build the paper airplane part, but this kit will let it fly for 10 minutes, and give you a bird’s eye view of the flight. On top of that, using the included Google cardboard FPV viewer, you’ll be able to control the direction of the plane with your head movements alone.

This uses a micro USB for charging, comes with 2 spare propellers, has 8 template sheets for making your plane, a spare rubber bumper, sense cleaning swab, 550 mAh Lipo battery, and a smartphone protection strap. You’ll be able to live stream and record your flight through your iOS or Android smartphones, where you’ll also be able to steer manually if you prefer. This isn’t a cheap toy at $199.99, but you’re an adult, and you can spend your money how you want.

Available for purchase on Amazon