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PowerSkin wants to protect your BlackBerry Bold and Curve while offering power simultaneously

When it comes to your smartphone device, it goes without saying that getting the right kind of protective case is important – after all, you can never quite tell just when you would experience a “butterfingers” moment, often resulting in scratches and even worse, a broken display (and heart). Well, PowerSkin is an old hand at providing the right kind of protection for your smartphone, and it also adds more value as your protective case also will offer a battery boost. Yes sir, PowerSkin has announced new battery-boosting, shock-absorbing skins for the BlackBerry Bold and Curve series, not to mention sweetening the deal with a $10 discount as well as free shipping. The latter will apply only to the continental US, as long as you place a pre-order before July makes a gracious exit and welcomes August. David Becker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PowerSkin/XPAL Power says, “BlackBerrys are among the most heavily used phones, with the BlackBerry Curve trailing as the second top mobile behind the iPhone. PowerSkin provides the largest selection of battery-boosting mobile solutions across an array of smartphones and phone carriers. We’re expecting the new BlackBerry skins to have a major impact within the professional community.” The BlackBerry Bold PowerSkin will play nice with model 9700 (AT&T and T-Mobile) and model 9780 (T-Mobile), delivering up to 230 minutes of additional talk time. As for the BlackBerry Curve PowerSkin, this will work with model 8530 (Sprint and Verizon) and model 8520 (T-Mobile and AT&T), giving you another 225 minutes of extra talk time. Regardless of the additional talk time, both the Bold and Curve skins will have 1150 mAh of battery capacity. You can place your pre-order for $59.99 a pop if it suits your fancy. Any takers? This is definitely one of the more useful smartphone accessories to carry around apart from a mere pretty looking case. Press Release]]>