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PowerSkin PowerStand Boost portable battery charger

powerskin-portable-battery-chargerMaking sure that your mobile device has enough juice to run what it is meant to deliver throughout the whole day can be quite a challenge, especially if you happen to be a heavy user of that particular device. Well, this is why there is such a market for power banks and the ilk, not to mention portable chargers such as the LumiVolt Ultra Portable Charger. Well, here is an interesting take on what could be the future – the PowerSkin PowerStand Boost portable battery charger.

The PowerSkin PowerStand Boost portable battery charger comes in an interesting form factor, where it is shaped in the form of a cylinder and will sport a kickstand, too, which enables it to be used sans any hands with your smartphone while undergoing the charging process.

This light, portable battery charger will be accompanied by a small, extendable rubber anti-slip mat which functions as the aforementioned kickstand to deliver hands-free smartphone use and viewing. It then goes without saying that it is very portable, where one can place it into a pocket or a purse without second thought.

Basically, this bad boy will carry a 2,600 mAh battery that provides a strong boost of energy and up to an additional 287 hours of standby or 16 hours of talk time on majority of the smartphone models out there.

There will be built-in USB output and micro-USB input charging ports that offers the PowerStand Boost an even greater level of flexibility. For those who happen to be rocking to Android-powered smartphones, using it is as convenient as plugging in the charging cable into both ports for easy travel and cable management; while those who are in the iPhone camp can simply plug the lightning charging cable into the USB output port. Depending on your preference, you can pick up the PowerStand Boost in white or black color choices where it sports an introductory promotion price of $24.99 at the moment.

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