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PowerSkin for iPhone 5 is super slim

So, you have gotten yourself a spanking new iPhone 5, and to your amazement, you realize that this has been the smartphone which you have been looking out all this while. Thing is, with the sheer number of apps as well as functionality that keeps you glued to your handset most of the day (to the chagrin of your missus, I might add) had you realize that the iPhone 5 lacks one thing – a high capacity battery to handle all that you throw at it. Well, good thing there is this thing known as peripherals, and this is where the new PowerSkin for iPhone 5 comes in handy.

I am quite sure that many of us smartphone owners have already heard of PowerSkin, the manufacturer of shock-absorbing, battery-boosting cases for smartphones as well as gaming accessories, where they have just introduced their second Apple-certified external charging solution for the iPhone 5, which comes along not too far apart from the PoP’n external battery charger.

With the PowerSkin for iPhone 5, you will be able to take advantage of another 1,500 mAh of power capacity, which theoretically speaking, is capable of extending talk time by another 6.5 hours in addition to music time of up to 32 hours. There will be an on/off button which is strategically placed at the back so that users are able to power-on-demand, while the presence of LED battery lights will show just how much juice there is left in the PowerSkin for iPhone 5.

If you are interested in picking up the PowerSkin for iPhone 5, it is readily available over online here, retailing for $79.99 a pop, and if you have decided to place your order, it will be accompanied by free express shipping through till March 7. Well, what are you waiting for? There is nothing quite like the ability to draw on power reserves for sure!

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