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PowerSkin has battery charging cases for cell phones

There will probably always be a market for any accessory that can give a mobile device more power, and the most prominent that I can think of is the Juice Pack from mophie. PowerSkin is getting in on this battery case territory as they have cases for all sorts of models. I got a chance to try out the model for my Droid X, which is the model that you can see in the photo. The boast is that the Powerskin can give you twice the power, and I believe that claim. They also claim that it is “lightweight”, and this is partially true. The one I received for the Droid X is 3.8 ounces, and, in comparison, the Droid X is 5.3 ounces. In short, the Powerskin nearly doubled the weight on my phone, which is a noticeable difference while talking. In short, it turns my phone into a thin brick. However, if you are the type who is on the road, and needs the extra battery life, then the Powerskin is worth the extra weight. You can go to the official Power-Skin site to see if there is a battery case for your model of cellular phone. If there isn’t, just leave a message at the picture of the crying baby, and they will send you an email if there is plans for your model. ]]>

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