The PowerNap Machine – Carry some ZZZ’s in your Pocket

I find myself exhausted most of the time, and everything I’ve ever read suggests I try napping, but every time I do, I have a problem waking up and I usually feel more listless than I did before. Not to mention I always have the feeling I’m going to get caught napping in the middle of the afternoon. Geez… Isn’t napping reserved for babies and really really old people?
Well not PowerNapping! PowerNap audio products would like to introduce you to The PowerNap Machine, a pocket-sized media player that facilitates sleep… Patented Power Nap waveforms have been encoded onto a device that is completely portable and features original and relaxing music composed just for Power Nap which fades away gradually, finally disappearing into the Power Nap sounds that rest and rejuvenate you. Enjoy the melody as you get the equivalent of three hours of deep sleep in just 20 minutes!
During the first five minutes of listening to PowerNap with ear buds, the user’s brain automatically adjusts to its inaudible sound waves. For the next ten minutes the PowerNap recording helps induce REM sleep, finally bringing the user to a refreshed state of heightened wakefulness. Throughout the session, the user hears only the pleasing sounds of a waterfall.
ZZZZZZ…. oh I’m sorry. The NapMachine weighs in at just a few ounces, and comes complete with ear buds, a lanyard, and the battery is actually included . It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, and you can take it with you wherever you go, so anytime you have 20 minutes, you can indulge in the instant rest and rejuvenation of a Power Nap, no matter where you are!
Available now at for under 70 bucks. They also have a CD that claims 6 hours sleep in 40 minutes, wow, think of all the time I’d have left in my day.

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