Liam's Gadget of the WeekPowerizers
Alright, I have to get a pair of these, they are just too cool! The powerizers attach to your feet, and are like toy moon-shoes on steroids!

The powerizers are designed to harness all the power of the gravitational pull on your body and convert it into force you can use to jump incredibly high and run unbelievably fast! They use super-charged springs to absorb all the energy you press down with then release it on the recoil.

While wearing the powerizers, you could jump six feet in the air, take nine-foot strides, and run at over 20 miles per hour all with complete ease! The truly amazing thing is that you are actually doing it all yourself, because the extra energy is energy you created by the weight of your body. They are available from various outlets over on

Although at first the powerizers will feel rather strange, once you learn to handle them, you’ll be able to do all kinds of amazing tricks like flips and split kicks.

The powerizers don’t come cheap, costing £225.00, however, I think it would be well worth it. If only I wasn’t broke… oh well. They are available from Boys Stuff (UK) and (US).

I’ve also decided to make this gadget my first official, “Liam’s Gadget of the Week”, and receives the image above to announce it. I will be awarding the image to my favorite gadget I wrote about that week each Saturday. Also, this is just my personal favorite, not the favorite of the site because, who knows, maybe my taste is terrible ;).
Powerizers Jump

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