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PowerCube ReWirable USB + 4 Travel Plugs makes it a cinch when you travel

powercubeWhenever we travel these days, not only do we need to think about the kind of clothes that we need to pack, we will also have to take into consideration the number of chargers that go into your luggage. After all, there would be at least the tablet and the smartphone charger that you will have to pack, right? How about trying something different this time around – with the $24.99 PowerCube ReWirable USB + 4 Travel Plugs? This is one travel adapter that, shall we say, is a whole lot more adaptable than the normal one.

From the name itself, you will be able to tell that the PowerCube ReWirable USB + 4 Travel Plugs comes with a quartet of electrical sockets as well as a pair of USB sockets, and not only that, there are 4 travel plugs (Types B, E/F, G, and I) to keep it company in order to make sure that this is as universal as it can get. Each of the USB ports are also rated at 2.1A, so you need not have to worry about being unable to power your tablet or devices that require a higher amount of charge. It has also been grounded (1875W) and child-proofed for your protection.