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The Powerbreather Wave Snorkel – serious snorkelers inquire within


If you’ve ever used a snorkel before, you know how not fun it can be, quickly, if you don’t really understand what you’re doing. You have to pace breathing a bit, but it’s mixed with your exhalation, and you have to be careful to shoot out water when it gets in the tube or you’ll be drinking it. For those that plan on swimming quite a bit this summer and want to use a snorkel that won’t make it harder to use a snorkel than just hold your breath, it might behoove you to look at better options.

While the Powerbreather isn’t going to make you a better swimmer, it can help you breathe a bit easier while doing it. Rather than having one tube heading up the side of your head, this has two, like little antenna popping up over your noggin. Through these tubes you will take in oxygen, and breathing out will send CO2 through the bottom, meaning your breath in and breath out aren’t going to mix somewhere in between. Thanks to this aspect, you also don’t need to blow water out of the tubes every 3 or 4 seconds.

This is meat to be used by anyone who wants to swim with a snorkel, or those who are working on taking their lap swimming very seriously. When I say very seriously, I mean $149 of an investment worth of seriousness. While the summer heat is squelched with swimming, you may not need to go this far overboard.

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