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Powerbocks gives you Power Leaps

powerbocking-3This next device is one that I want to purchase on sheer impulse alone. I mean, look at the guy in the photo, he’s truly the poster child of “footloose and fancy free”.

And yes, it is all because of the Powerbocks, those odd contraptions that he wears about his feet. They each contain a foot-plate with snow-board like bindings, and they are fastened just below the knee. The three-foot long spring is the real source of the bouncing power, and allows the user to release stored potential energy like a walking trampoline.

Designer Alexander Boeck was apparently inspired by kangaroos for this invention, as the Powerbocks allows the user to extend their own Achilles tendon to accomplish super-human jumps.

According to my source, it takes about 30 minutes before a new user can bounce around with ease. Not only can you use these Tigger-like bounces to jump over cars, but the Powerbocks are an excellent method of exercise as well.

Well, I’m not certain if they are worth the $269 price tag. Perhaps if the designer can create something that allows me to jump like Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, then I might be willing to pay that much.

By the way, if the Powerbocks were ever combined with the Digilegs, then you might have the next fad.

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