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Power Toolbox misses out on the Father’s Day boat

power-toolboxDoes dad like to tinker around the house? Most men do, and they would obviously need a set of tools that they can call their very own. The thing is, how many of us are serious enough to make sure that the tools in our possession are of of good enough quality? Even then, you would also need a decent toolbox to stash away your little gizmos and gadgets so that you know where they are at the time when you need them. Why not do that in style with the $39.99 Power Toolbox?

The Power Toolbox is said to come with more than enough room, allowing it to hold the various gear that are required for you to handle just about any odd job around the home. What happens when you are in need of electricity? That is not an issue with the Power Toolbox (hence its name), where you can detach and unspool the 20′ heavy duty extension cord with four grounded outlets. The Power Toolbox will boast of a trio of stacking removable caddies, in addition to specially-designed compartments that will allow drill bits, screwdrivers and others to have their own “place of residence”. Made out of durable, impact-resistant plastic, the Power Toolbox will feature a non-skid surface, and can support up to 300 lbs., meaning when you need to take a break or reach out to higher place, it doubles up as a seat or stepladder. You do not have to wait until Father’s Day next year to get him one of these bad boys now, you know.

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