Power Plant Growing Machine


Don’t have green fingers as every single plant that has gone through your hands inexplicably dies off sometime down the road regardless of how much love, care and attention you shower upon it? Things might take a turn for the better with the Power Plant Growing Machine.

A result of pioneering NASA technology this mains-powered box of magic lets you grow plants, all season, without soil. A nifty internal microjet system constantly sprays roots with super-oxygenated, nutrient rich water so crops grow bigger and stronger. All you do is add water to a special nutrient mix (included) and pour it over the spongy strip that sits below the brim of the Power Plant. Next, sow your seeds on the sponge, replace the lid, stick the whole shebang on the window sill, sit back and dream of Alan Titchmarsh. Once the shoots appear, maintenance is minimal. You can even use the Power Plant to grow flowers.

This green growing machine can be used over and over again, making the £34.95 asking price pretty much a bargain considering the virtually unlimited use down the road. Perfect for folks who’ve always wanted a budding garden but never quite had the talent to match their ambition.