Power Hour USB Shotglass – Prepare to Party

My birthday is on Monday, so we’re celebrating on Saturday and I’ve been trying to plan something all week. I just cant seem to find the right venue to get myself all liquored up. I’m looking for a certain feel, I kinda want to party like I did in college… the kind of fun that you didn’t mind hurting from for a day or two after the fact… ah to be young again.
Well, I think I found just the party favor to enhance the evenings festivities and I don’t even have to leave the house, check out the Shot Glass USB, not only is it a shotglass, on a lanyard, so it is constantly at the ready and unable to be misplaced, thereby saving valuable drinking time, but it is also a 1 gigabyte USB, not loaded with spreadsheets or pictures of your last boring vacation to Florida… but (wait for it) …one minute drinking songs, with which, you play the Power Hour Drinking Game!
Here’s how to play, you simply gather up several of you’re closest friends (you know, the ones that wont write on your body with Sharpie markers and then post the pictures on Facebook) and then purchase your favorite beer, lastly, you start playing the one minute drinking music and everyone takes a shot, each time one of the songs end. 60 ounces in 60 minutes… let the games begin.
Okay we are not encouraging drunken debauchery here, we all know we have to drink responsibly, I did say I was staying home remember? but with songs like ” I’m Fine Occifer” and ” If you’re Wasted and You Know it” I think we all know where the evening is headed. You can get your USB Shotglass at for around 30 bucks and please don’t miss the video and song samples, or just visit the artists webpage and proceed to “drunk text” her at  by the way, wish me luck….

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