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Post Modern Skateboard lives up to its name

post-modern-skateboardThe skateboard is a unique mode of transport, allowing you to get from one block to another without missing a beat, and at the same time, quicker than ever before. Of course, you would need to pick up a fair amount of skill before you learn to navigate through the crowds as well as look out for potential potholes by the sidewalk. The $99.95 Post Modern Skateboard happen to be annular skates which are propelled by leaning side to side, enabling you to skateboard without having to push off the ground.

If you are a rider, using it is easy – just place your feet on the two platforms and lean side-to-side in order to rotate the rubber wheels around the feet, where you will then be propelled forward in a serpentine motion that is not too different from that of longboard skateboarding. As the wheels are not connected, one is able to perform 720° spins and turn on a dime in a jiffy, and yes, you can brake! Doing so is achieved by placing toes on the ground. The wheels themselves happen to be 10″ in diameter, so that you can traverse short grass and dirt surfaces to boot. As long as you are no heavier than 200 lbs., the Post Modern Skateboard would be ideal for any one to have some good, clean fun.

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