The Positive Vibration headphones by the House of Marley

While I was at CES last January, I got a chance to see the lineup from House of Marley. It has been a while, but I finally got to try out the Positive Vibration headphones, just before the holiday season.
For those who aren’t familiar with the House of Marley, I will answer your first question: it is affiliated with Reggae legend Bob Marley. They are eco-conscious products that embody Bob Marley and the Marley family’s values of equality, unity, sustainability, and charity.
So how is the sound? What do you expect, it is positively terrific. Since I can’t demonstrate it in writing, it has 20Hz-20+kHz frequency response adds clear sound reproduction. Also included is a 50 millimeter dynamic moving coil speaker drive for sound reinforcement.
The Positive Vibration headphones are made from recycled and aluminum, and they come with a 52-inch fabric cord that reduces tangles. At the end of the cord is a right-angled, 3.5 millimeter gold-plated connector. The little springs on the sides give it an added aesthetic.
You should be able to get the Positive Vibration headphones at the House of Marley website for a price of $59.99. They come in three styles: Sun, with electric red and blue; Roots, in electric green and red; and Rasta, in black, yellow, and green.