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Even You Can be a Posh Drink Bartender


The onslaught of fancy cocktails is upon us! You can’t go to any cocktail establishment without being accosted by a wide array of fruity, spicy, colorful, creative drinks. The trend is intriguing. Yet also somewhat scary.  At least for someone that can barely pull off a rum and cola. How is an amateur drink maker to enhance their capabilities and impress their friends? wants to empower us all to become mixologists, or at least pass for one. The Modern Cocktail line of drink enhancers will enable you to mix like a pro in no time. Say you want to make an exotic batch of margaritas. No problem, bring your tequila, ice and blender. Then pick from one of the single-serve flavor syrups: Watermelon, Lime, Blood Orange, Mango or Strawberry.  Blend away and you have a tasty take on a traditional drink.  Or maybe a martini is in order. Choose to flavor them in Cranberry (Cosmo), Lemon Drop, Blood Orange, Sour Apple or Grapefruit.  Each cocktail companion also comes with a packet of sugar crystals to top off your concoction. You can pick up The Modern Cocktail for champagne, high balls, margaritas or martinis. Each set is just £9.99 (about $14.70 USD) at They also make a perfect gift for a party host or hostess. So whether for you or someone else, jazz up the cocktail mixing and give your drinks a little more flavor.