Portal 2 PotatOS Plush lights up in a cute way

portal-potato-plushAre potatoes your favorite food? After all, there is nothing quite like some piping hot fries with vinegar and salt on the side. Oh yeah, how about those moments when you are munching on your favorite brand of chips in the cinema? The movie certainly felt a whole lot more engaging, don’t you think so? Well, with the $19.99 Portal 2 PotatOS Plush, you can be sure that you will never look at a jacket or stuffed potato the same way again. This is the huggable version of GLaDOS, and it will arrive with 10 audio clips to get you started.

Fret not about your friends ribbing you about purchasing a rip off or a pirated copy of some Portal-inspired toys, as this is a 100% officially licensed Portal 2 merchandise. The Portal 2 PotatOS Plush resembles the tuber-version of GLaDOS that you actually brought with you around the testing facility in the game, and what’s more, it also sounds a whole lot like her. I am quite sure that Portal fans would have plenty of fun with the pre-loaded 10 snarky phrases that are more than ready to be spoken whenever you press the button. At least this is one potato that is not oily, so it would settle in with the rest of your bed’s plushies quickly. Just make sure there are always a trio of AA batteries around to keep it going.