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PORTAJOY Bluetooth speaker delivers wireless audio without the mess

portajoyMany things happen to be wireless these days, and I suppose you can say that the wireless house phone was one of the earliest devices that helped kick start the revolution. Of course, the TV remote control also used to be the king of all wireless devices at home once, but it looks like smartphones and tablets happen to be the ones in charge these days, being connected to the Internet without the need for a pesky LAN cable of sorts running through the home. How about your audio experience? Surely a wireless set of speakers does hold a special place in your heart, too, and if you happen to be in two minds as to where you are going to get your next wireless speaker set from, perhaps reading about the new PORTAJOY Bluetooth speaker would help you make up your mind.

The PORTAJOY Bluetooth speaker is capable of carrying enough charge within it to deliver up to 25 hours of non-stop musical playback, now how about that for efficiency? In fact, this summer, you might want to make the PORTAJOY Bluetooth speaker as your primary musical broadcasting device of choice, since it lets you enjoy intense bass and fine treble that are up to 10 watts of raw music power, now how about that? You will be able to bring your music with you just about everywhere you go, ranging from the pool-side to a garden party, or how about from the kitchen into the living room?

The PORTAJOY Bluetooth speaker can be connected in a jiffy to just about any compatible player within a 10 meter radius through NFC, Bluetooth or an audio cable, if those source devices do not happen to have a kind of wireless connectivity built in. You can direct music selection on the speakers thanks to the sensor-touch operation of its rubberized surface. It takes 6 hours to fully charge it.

Not only that, it is truly easy to tote it around, thanks to the genuine leather carrying handle that makes it a whole lot more comfortable to tote around. Those who are interested will be able to pick up the PORTAJOY Bluetooth speaker from this August onward, where it will arrive in either black or grey shades with an asking price of €79.99 a pop.

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