Eight In One Portable Workshop offers added flexibility

Portable Workshop

Since the world of consumer electronics is so involved in the convergence of various functions, it also makes plenty of sense to actually see the wonders of miniaturization being brought over to that of a workshop. I am referring to the Eight In One Portable Workshop, and as its name suggests, this happens to be a portable workshop that will comprise of a cordless table saw, a circular saw, and half a dozen other tools which will be of great help should you want to complete projects away from the shop.

The entire set would also include a jigsaw, scroll saw, powerful drill, hammer drill, and an LED light, where all of them are juiced by a rechargeable 18-volt battery that is so simple to use, all that you need to do is to plug it into any of the tools. The included tool box will carry a slew of items in dedicated compartments, and at the same time, it also doubles up as a working platform for the saws – as well as being able to convert the hammer drill into a drill press. As for the circular saw, it adjusts on the bevel up to 50° for mitre cuts, with the hammer drill boasting of 20 torque settings and a couple of speeds for drilling into masonry or concrete, while the jigsaw’s base tilts up to 45° for bevel cuts. There is also a spirit level which also plays the role as a table saw fence, a pair of metal and an equal number of wood jigsaw blades, a 5 1/2″ circular saw blade, metal protractor, a 22-piece drill bit set, and two paddle bits.

It takes a single hour to fully charge up the lithium-ion batteries via AC, which in turn, offers up to an hour of power.