Portable WiFi Signal Booster ensures you get a connection always

portable-wifi-boosterI know that we are living in an increasingly connected world these days, and it is getting more common to see public spaces such as parks, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants come with a Wi-Fi network of sorts (free or not, that is another story for a different day). However, some of us do live in places where there are certain “dead spots” in our homes – which is rather difficult to explain, really. What are you to do then, not work in that particular room or corner of the house? Fret not, here is the $49.95 Portable WiFi Signal Booster that might help you out of your quandary, and as its name suggests, this is a portable WiFi signal booster which will extend the range while improving the signal strength of a wireless network.

The device itself will plug into an AC outlet, where it then hooks up to a wireless network before it will re-broadcast the signal to deliver a faster, more reliable WiFi connection – whether you are at home, at a hotel or at the airport. The wireless hotspot’s power prongs will fold into the device naturally, ensuring that the whole unit would fit into a pocket for simple, unobtrusive storage whenever you travel. Relying on the most advanced 802.11 n protocol (which will also play nice with b and g devices as well), it enables up to 150 Mbps download speed (theoretically speaking), and is capable of letting up to 10 devices piggyback on its Internet connection simultaneously.

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