Portable Toaster might toast fingers

Here’s one way to make sure that you know exactly how done your toast will be.  Granted there’s the strong possibility you’ll end up toasting your hand as well, but at least you’ll have perfect toast every single time.  Although after the first five or six times of acquiring burned fingers and palms, I’m sure you’ll figure out how exactly to handle the toast and the toaster without acquiring minor injuries.

The toaster is still a concept by Kim Been.  It features a pretty flowery design and seems to be in the shape of a serving utensil.  The more your bread becomes toasted, the more of the design will appear on the back of the toaster.  Of course, you could just as easily see with your own eyes how done your toast has become without a design popping up.  At least it is pretty though.  It’d be great to toss in your desk at work if you enjoy toasted sandwiches for lunch.

Source: SlipperyBrick