Portable “Notebook” BBQ Grill goes anywhere


If you’re a camper looking for a better, more portable way to bring along a BBQ grill to that campout or to the beach without cooking over a live campfire, you may want to try this “Notebook” BBQ grill.

portable Notebook BBQ Grill
The portable Notebook BBQ Grill can go anywhere and store in small places.

Built like a folding chair, but with a handle like a briefcase, this Notebook grill is made of study metal and comes with a built in grill rack. Grillers simply unfold it, fill it with charcoal or wood, and light her up. And the Notebook grill if far better than those cheap temporary models made out of bakers aluminum which can be tossed away afterwards, but are so fragile they bend out of shape – not to mention meat that sticks to the chicken wire style grill rack. Another great alternative is an indoor grill and there are some great products available. Keep in mind that those require a power source.

The Notebook Grill is a real grill that you can use over and over, and yet fold and put away in the back of the pickup truck.