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The Portable Isometric Trainer will let you know exactly how strong you are

iGrip Isomatric Trainer

When you say that someone is strong, you’re usually talking about one of two different aspects about them. The first is that they can lift things which are super heavy (more than you or your direct group of friends are able to), and the other is grip strength. While being able to bench press a car is probably everyone’s dream, we could all do with a bit better grip for pickle and jam jars. Of course, most of us normally view that sort of strength-building as a job to do at the gym.

Thankfully you can find equipment for just about every sort of exercise you could want online, and then you don’t have to work out in front of a bunch of people who have perfectly chiseled bodies! This Portable Isometric Trainer will help you train your grip to be better than ever. It’s a 1/8” steel frame that’s housed in ABS plastic. The best part is that this uses your own muscles against each other, so there’s not much threat of an injury.

The top is an illuminated LCD display which will show you how much force you’re capable of using. This has a 200-pound capacity, though not many people are very likely to surpass any more than that. You will have to look up proper exercises to get the most out of this device, but make sure you’re not holding your breath when you’re straining or there will be a blackout in your immediate future.

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