Portable Ice Maker ensures you have a cool drink wherever you are

portable-icemakerI am aware that summer is winding down at the moment, and fall is about to begin. Well, there is always the new fall fashion statements to look forward to, never mind the fact that it is also time to get back to school for children of a certain age group. Having said that, this does not mean you would kiss goodbye to having ice cold drinks even in the fall. No sir, you can still enjoy your refreshing beverages with ice cubes in them, but without having to remain at the mercy of ice cube supplies at a nearby store. Why not make your own ice?

This is where the $199.99 Portable Ice Maker allows you to ensure that whatever drinks you indulge in, they will remain nice and cold all day long. The Portable Ice Maker can be said to be your “personal ice machine”, where it churns out crystal clear ice without using a hose or water line. All you need to do is fill up the 1.5-liter water tank, and you will end up with a single sheet of ice (two dozen cubes in total) which requires less than 18 minutes create. That would mean having up to 35 lbs. of ice in a 24 hour time window. Sounds like the perfect add on for RVs and recreational rooms, don’t you think so? The Portable Ice Maker is capable of delivering both small and large ice cubes, and each purchase would be accompanied by an ice bucket and an ice shovel.