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Portable Foot Massager soothes the day’s stress wherever you are

portable-foot-massagerAfter a particularly long day of walking when you are on a holiday, you know for sure that you too, would want to get a good night’s rest back at your hotel room. Of course, a warm bath is always nice to have, but getting your aching feet massaged is certainly something else altogether. While there are many different kinds of foot massagers around, these are not all that easy to bring with you on your holiday – which is why there is the $29.95 Portable Foot Massager that will fill such a niche.

The Portable Foot Massager happens to be a mobile massager that is not only lightweight but compact in nature for easy portability, but do not judge it by it’s miniscule form factor, as it is full well capable of delivering an intense vibration which soothes tired, aching feet. Measuring all of just 6” in length and tipping the scales at a mere 8 oz., it can slip into a purse or carry-on for convenient use at work or while traveling. The massager is ergonomically shaped in order to match the arch of the foot, and will feature a trio of textured sections that strategically target key pressure points. Five rollers massage each toe, horizontal bars relax the ball of the foot, and round nodes at the bottom ease tension in the heel, and the entire shebang is powered by a pair of AA batteries.