Portable dual heater and cooler

Portable cooler and heaterA gratuitous bikini babe we know, but we hope you’ll bear with us on this one, because this is quite a useful picnic gadget.

It’s a portable fridge cooler that can also act as an oven.

There are a lots of portable fridge picnic boxes on the market, and this is as good as any of those. It cools to nearly 10°C less than the environment and can run off 12V with a mains adaptor, which is included. There’s space equivalent to 9 cans of coke, which should be enough for most barbeques or picnics.

The twist with this portable cooler is that it can work as an oven too. Just flip the switch and it’ll warm the contents up to 60°C, which isn’t piping hot, but it’s enough to keep food warm anyway.

The dual fridge cooler and oven uses about 65 Watts, which a car can handle easily making it a great barbeque gizmo, and at $50 it doesn’t cost the earth.

The Autobahn Thermoelectric, available from Think Awesome.