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Portable Clamp-On Sun Umbrella provides adequate shade all the time

portable-clamp-on-umbrellaI know that during the summer months, there is nothing quite like the feeling of letting the sun’s warmth and light bathe your entire body, especially after one has gone through an extremely miserable and cold winter. Well, getting sunlight all over your body is fine and all, but there is a risk of overdoing it. For those who feel that they prefer to remain under the sun, but not having its rays shine directly on their bodies, here is the $39.95 Portable Clamp-On Sun Umbrella that offers adequate shade from the sun’s rays.

The Portable Clamp-On Sun Umbrella does as it is named, being able to clamp onto majority of the furniture frames out there, being able to provide just about any angle of sun protection. It also boasts of a sturdy nylon/glass filament, rubber-lined clamp that will be able to secure itself swiftly to both tubular and square outdoor furniture frames. It does not matter if it is faced with patio chairs, beach loungers, picnic tables, and portable camp chairs, it does all of those without an issue.