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Portable Air Hockey for those with no room for the real version


The middle of the night seems to attract all kinds of strange games.  If you’re up working on a project at the kitchen table, then odds are the salt and pepper shaker are about to be turned into some sort of makeshift game.  If you happen to have buddies that are always up late with you, maybe you should actually buy a game for occasions such as these.  Instead of breaking yet another glass salt shaker, you could buy this game of Portable Air Hockey.

The puck will hover above your tabletop after you’re kind enough to pop in the 2 AAA batteries.  The game comes with those batteries, as well as 2 strikers and 2 cardboard goals.  If any of the set breaks, it’s obviously not going to be a big deal.  Which makes it the ideal game for a group that has consumed large amounts of alcohol.  If it does get broken, then all you have to do is pay $15 to Urban Outfitters to get yourself a whole new set.

Source: OhGizmo