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The Porkfolio Piggy Bank wants you to keep the change


Porkfolio Piggy Bank

Saving money is hard. There are so many shiny things to buy that you want to spend any disposable income you get as soon as it’s in your hands. The problem with that is when big unexpected expenses come up, you’re never prepared, and don’t have much of a cushion to fall back on. If you want to start being more conscious of putting back money, then keeping a piggy bank is an excellent way to start.

If a ceramic pig isn’t going to be enough to keep you on track, what about a plastic one that connects to your smartphone? The porkfolio Wi-Fi Piggy Bank is a cute pudgy pig who can hold up to $100 in quarters. Its head and legs rotate, so it can sit comfortably on his hind-end or lay on its back. There’s a slot on its tummy in which you can (and should) feed your spare change. There is a corresponding app that will connect via Wi-Fi which can tell you your current balance.

Any time you put in a coin, Porkfolio’s nose will light up with joy. We all need some sort of reward to feel accomplished, right? Should anyone try to move this little pig, a built-in accelerometer will alert you through the app that someone is up to no good. This will work on iOS 6 and above, iPhone 4 and above and Android phones or tablets OS 2.2 or higher. You’ll need 2 AA batteries to keep this little bank afloat, and while it may not save you a lot of money, it’s easy to forget about something like this and have a nice surprise when it’s full.

Available for purchase on Brookstone, found via RedFerret