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Pop-Up Space Station keeps the young ‘uns occupied this holiday season

pop-up-space-stationChildren are definitely a bundle of energy who need their own time and space to run around, and basically being children as they exercise their imagination. Having said that, with the new Star Wars movie coming out next year, not to mention your extended family congregating at your place this coming holiday season, you would definitely need some sort of space to keep them occupied while the adults talk. Since you have not constructed a room with a childrens’ playground or a water park in your backyard, why not pick up the $159.95 Pop-Up Space Station instead?

The Pop-Up Space Station lives up to its name – it is portable, easy to set up, and yet functions as an interplanetary command post for young space explorers. In terms of safety, you need not fret too much since it is made from 190-denier polyester taffeta complete with a polyurethane coating, which in turn makes it ideal for withstanding the vacuum of space (or at least a pretend space) in addition to the rigors of a backyard adventure. There will be four tunnels in the tent that evoke the sprawling modules of a space station. Other “features” include painted viewports and control interfaces, while the screened tunnel ceilings and a screened section of the dome would do their bit in encouraging imaginative play during celestial observations. It even comes with a storage bag for easy storage after playing with it.