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The PopSlate 2 is a phone charging case with a second E-ink display

popslate 2

When you start to get busy to the point where you wish you could hire an assistant, but can’t, you look for ways to streamline your life. For your online life, a smartwatch is helpful for letting you know what emails and messages are important without having to rummage your phone out of your bag and navigate your way through apps. Of course, when your phone is out, you don’t want to have it lighting up and distracting you every second it’s on the table.

If you want an all-in-one device that will help you with that, the PopSlate 2 is rearing and ready to go. This is a phone case that has an E-ink display on the back, and lets you see a summarized version of all the information you care about. Thanks to its built-in battery, this case will give you 9 extra hours of talk time or 4 hours of browsing as the screen is low power but always on, and you can customize what information you want to see.

It can also do everything a smartwatch can with custom notifications and alerts. There are 100s of artistic options for the clock faces you’ll be staring at day in and day out, and you won’t have to worry about any charging cables aside from the lightning connector for your iPhone since it plugs in directly. The screen has a resolution of 200 DPI, is anti-glare, shatterproof, and will update your information instantly. You’ll be able to control all of this through three buttons, and best of all, it’s only going to add 0.16” thickness to your phone. This is compatible with iPhone 6 and beyond, costing you $79 with options of either black or white.

Available for crowdfunding on indiegogo