Popcornflix.com – 1000‘s of Free Movies Online

Popcornflix.com launched a few days ago and I already had a chance to check it out. Popcornflix is a new online digital platform that allows movie lovers to watch ton of fun movies for free online, anywhere in the U.S. The service will expand internationally in the coming months, and eventually almost everywhere movie viewing platforms are available, including web-enabled TVs, DVD players and set-top boxes.

Popcornflix.com made it easy to browse and select from hundreds of movies, including Comedy, Family, Drama, Horror, Spanish-language films, documentaries and more, all with a pretty easy user interface. Movie lovers can choose a movie by type, the name of an actor or director or simply by selecting a title from the latest in new arrivals, or you can search for all the films featuring your favorite star, but best of all, Popcornflix allows users to share films with friends and family by posting a link instantly to their Facebook or Twitter account. Cool. 

Yes, Popcornflix is an ad-supported platform and it does have some oddly placed commercials. They seem to come out of nowhere, not spliced into the show where the film takes a natural pause. It also has some relatively non-distracting banner ads, but the quality is good, the speed is much better than would be expected, and they have hundreds of movies with more being added all the time. So for watching a movie at work, I gotta give it 2 thumbs up.

So grab some snacks and a jumbo Coke and head over to www.popcornflix.com, just don’t tell my boss!


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