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Pop n’ Pour Beer Mug offers the ultimate convenience

glass-bottle-openerAre all mugs created equal? Apparently not, especially when you take into consideration this unique Pop n’ Pour Beer Mug. I understand that going out for a few drinks with family and friends is a good way of loosening up, especially when it comes to winding down after a particularly challenging day at the office. Well, why not obtain the ultimate convenience with this unique Pop n’ Pour Beer Mug? As its name suggests, this is one glass beer mug that sports an integrated bottle opener that is tucked away right at the bottom, making it truly convenient.

This particularly thick glass mug would sport a handsome diamond cut pattern located all around the lower portion, allowing it to carry 24 ounces of what some have called the nectar of the gods. Since it also has the relevant apparatus to open up various bottles of beer using a stainless steel bottle opener right at the bottom, you will never find yourself getting thirsty, that is for sure. Even better yet is the fact that the bottom of the Pop n’ Pour Beer Mug sports a magnet, enabling you to stick those beer caps as though they were some sort of badge of honor, at the same time allowing you to keep track of how many bottles of beer you have downed already. Pretty slick, don’t you think so?