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Poo-Pouri saves your nose from stink


It seems like just yesterday that we were looking at air ionizers for your bathroom. We will go to great lengths to prevent the smell of our processed food from entering our noses. While decimating particles in the air can do a great deal, the real source of ick is in the toilet, and that should be where our smell prevention efforts lie. It’s not a matter of masking the smell, but stopping it from spreading.

To make sure no scents can escape the bowl, Poo-Pouri is made of essential oils and other natural compounds that come together to form a thin, protective barrier over the water’s surface. Thanks to science, you can put 3-5 sprays into the toilet bowl, do the deed as normal and flush with no one being able to tell that anything happened. Anything that passes through that barrier will essentially open and close the door to this water seal as it goes through the surface.

Not only is this going to help your bathroom at home, but there are travel sizes that can go with you for those that are anxious about using foreign toilets. You’ll be free from nasty smells and will actually get a little bit of aromatherapy thanks to the essential oils. There are a variety of scents to choose from with everything from grapefruit to lavender vanilla, all options costing you $26.99 for a 4 ounce home bottle and a 2 ounce travel bottle. It’ll be a fun way to make your coworkers think that your bowels are made of flowers.

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