Pool To Pavement Basketball Hoop

The feeling of dunking yourself into a nice, cool pool during the hot and sweltering summer weather is a refreshing one – but how about merging water-based activities with basketball? Doesn’t sound as though both will jive, but with the Pool To Pavement Basketball Hoop, you can be sure to have a smashing good time with your mates. This basketball hoop can not only be used when you have your feet firmly planted on terra firma, but it also can be used at the poolside, boasting a shatterproof polycarbonate backboard which can be lowered to place the breakaway 9″ rim only 3 1⁄2′ above the pool’s edge, letting you enjoy aquatic layups, bankshots, and dunks thanks to the 7.5″ mini-basketball that comes with each $199.95 purchase. Just make sure the platform is filled with water or sand to keep it stable.