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Pool Guarding Gator could be a good deterrent

pool-guarding-gatorThis coming summer, all that you would like to do for the season this year would be to have a nice and quiet time at home. Sure, your home is large enough to share with a few other people, not to mention having a pool is always a sign of luxury for many. If you would like to maintain the peace and quietness as you lounge in your pool, then the Inflatable Water Shooting Float is not the thing to purchase as that would see your nephews and nieces descend on your place faster than a fly to a carcass. Rather, the $39.95 Pool Guarding Gator would be a summer essential instead.

This is a faux alligator which will compel unwanted pool visitors, be they of the feathered variety or those that walk on two legs, to think more than once when it comes to taking an uninvited dip. The Pool Guarding Gator is made from buoyant durable plastic and textured to replicate the prehistoric ridged hide of the sub-tropical reptile, sporting a trio of hinged body parts which form the gator’s head, torso, and tail so that it gains a lifelike movement as it floats and reacts to the ambient waves and wind of a swimming pool. Even better, the beady red LED eyes can be set to flash or remain steady, being powered by a pair of CR2032 batteries.

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