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In Pool Exercise Glider

They say that swimming is more or less the complete form of exercise – it works out just about every major muscle in your body (depending on the stroke), lets you sweat it out without overheating (although you might end up with prune-like fingers and toes in the end), and also has virtually no impact on your joints at all. Enter the $1,400 In Pool Exercise Glider which will definitely be a worthy addition to your keep fit regime at home – assuming you have a swimming pool, that is. The In Pool Exercise Glider will use water’s natural buoyancy and resistance in order to deliver an effective low-impact workout which is easy on joints and muscles. The In Pool Exercise Glider is recommended to rest in water that measures at least 3′ deep, where you will stand on its foot pads, gliding back and forth in a motion that is similar to an elliptical machine. You can also opt to increase the range of motion in order to build more muscle strength, while improving cardiovascular conditioning. Since the exercise is performed in water, you are able to maintain your balance far easier than when you are on land. As long as you are no heavier than 260 lbs., the In Pool Exercise Glider ought to hold.]]>