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In Pool Exercise Bike

Swimming and cycling are two forms of exercise that are touted to burn the most calories, although the former tends to make you a whole lot hungrier than normal. With the In Pool Exercise Bike (which is patented by the way), you will need to be pretty well off in the first place since not everyone can afford a home with a pool in the first place. Of course, it should be a relative bargain to you if you fall under that category at a mere $899.95 a pop. This patented exercise bike will need to be ridden while partially submerged in a pool so that you can improve strength as well as endurance without causing more strain on your body than it normally would. Having seen action in training by professional bicyclists, riders will need to turn a paddle that offers greater resistance compared to biking on land, which results in a slow, controlled motion that improves muscle strength and endurance. Since the exercise is performed in water, the pool bicycle will also go some ways in relieving stress on weight-bearing joints, all the while increasing flexibility, and improving both balance and posture. It can work in just two feet of water, but of course, if you submerge it deeper, it will definitely increase the intensity of workouts which your body will appreciate. Anyone who bought this, does it work as advertised? ]]>

1 thought on “In Pool Exercise Bike”

  1. It works until it breaks ( 4 weeks later) and then sudddenly there is no customer service or company to fix it.

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