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Pooch Selfie lets you capture precious moments with your furkid

pooch-selfieA selfie stick should be something that everyone must pack whenever one prepares to go for a holiday. It is as much a prerequisite as a passport if you are traveling abroad — otherwise, how else are you going to impress all of your friends out there with the exotic backgrounds and of course, the people whom you are traveling with? Back home, you might want to take things easier with your beloved pet dog, and the £12.99 Pooch Selfie would seem to do the trick perfectly fine.

It is not so much different from that of a regular selfie stick, except that this smartphone accessory has been specially developed to help you snap better photos of you and your dog. How does it do so? For starters, it will harness the powerful canine allure of a squeaky tennis ball, in order to capture your dog’s undivided attention. Of course, the ball can be swapped with your dog’s favorite ball instead, being simple and incredibly effective. If you are on a tight budget, how about taping on some treats to your regular selfie stick instead?