Pooch Potty

Can’t be bothered to take your loving best friend for a walk, or just too proud to be seen poop scooping in public, what you need is the pooch potty.

Cats have had the easy life for years thanks to that bowl of scented gravel, the litter tray. The pooch potty is a similar toiletry device for your pet dog.

The pooch potty is simply a plastic tray (comes in 3 different sizes, small for your Paris Hilton chihuahua, or extra large for a Saint Bernard). The tray is then filled with turf so your pampered pet can do the business on it’s favoured surface. The sod (turf not dog) needs to be replaced on a weekly basis and any solid gifts removed as soon as possible, which if you’re keeping the potty indoors is going to be pretty obvious by the smell.

You can get new sod delivered on a weekly basis and for those pet owners with money you can actually hire a company to clean out the potty and replace the sod for you. Presently this is only available in Los Angeles, wonder why that is :).

[Pooch Potty found via some top 40 show of expensive wacky crap on VH1]

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