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Polk introduces designer grilles for its Omni S2 Compact Wireless Music Streaming Speaker

polk-designer-grillePolk is well famous for their range of audio products, speakers especially, and this time around, they intend to “bling” up one of their own releases – by introducing designer grilles for its Omni S2 Compact Wireless Music Streaming Speaker. As they say, variety is the spice of life, so it is not surprising to know and see that there is a range of designs made available in order for listeners to express their personal speaker style, now how about that?

Polk is an old hand in the high-performance audio industry, where they have racked up more than 40 years of sound engineering and design expertise. Hence, it is far from surprising to hear them announce the launch of a series of exclusive designer grilles that will cost $24.95 a pop for its Omni S2 Wireless Play-Fi Speaker that caters for multi-room music streaming. This is part of its continued commitment to providing music lovers with additional options in order to adapt to their daily lifestyle, where the colorful designer grilles are can now play nice alongside existing and future Omni S2 owners.

Polk has also committed themselves to deliver new colorways and seasonal patterns of the grilles, enabling consumers to customize their S2 regardless of the occasion. The Omni S2 speaker will be part of Polk’s current Omni Wireless Music System, which so happens to be a premium range of speakers, soundbars, an amplifier and pre-amp that has been specially designed to stream your entire music library, music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify Connect, and Internet radio to any room from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

You can be sure that this is more than just function, as each Omni S2 also caters to the ideals of form, as it has been crafted to enhance one’s home décor, blending an ultra-compact form factor with an appealing design aesthetic. It does not matter whether you place the Omni S2 on bookshelves or in the kitchen or an office, it is perfect for both small and medium spaces and can be placed horizontally or stood up. Expect it to ship with black and white swappable grilles for ultimate design flexibility.

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