Polk Audio has new performance headphones for your ears

Polk Audio is a name that is synonymous with great audio quality, and the company has since rolled out a brand new pair of performance headphones specially for your ears. The new Performance Line-Up will make its appearance in retail stores this fall, where the range will comprise of sports headphones and active noise cancelation (ANC) headphones that were specially designed for serious athletes who are engaged in exercise and fitness. Of course, this doesn’t mean it is unsuitable for the average Joe on the street, since it is also well suited for those who travel frequently and want a pair of quality performance headphones.
Polk Audio’s Performance Line-Up will boast a quartet of UltraFit sports headphones which will come in a variety of colors, where you will also find in-ear, on-ear and in-ear canal models thrown into the mix. The headphones are certainly standouts on their own thanks to Polk Audio’s acclaimed audio quality and special attention paid to detail which we will look at in the extended post.

Among the features include water resistant designs, contrast-colored cables for instant left/right recognition, iPhone/iPod controls, Kevlar-reinforced hinge points that gives you a worry-free listening experience since it does away with the main cause of failure in many headphones, and plugs that are specially conformed to fit through the opening of all iPhone/iPod/iPad covers.
Polk Audio’s engineers and designers also decided to take the wheel and reinvent it so to speak, by producing a couple of UltraFocus models which will address travelers’ needs and those who tend to find themselves right smack in the middle of noisy environments. Active noise cancelation will be a staple feature with these, where they are accompanied by ultra-flexible, tangle-free planar audio cables, contrast-color cable for instant left/right identification, on-ear Apple control for iPhone/iPad, push-to-hear technology, superior durability, and a more comfortable fit.
Would you be getting any of these for your listening pleasure in the immediate future?
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